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What is Wine Meccas about?

Wine Meccas is about exploring the world behind wine. 

Our aim is to demonstrate that wineries are open for independent tourism and that the fact that so many of them are located close to some of the most iconic travel destinations makes it almost natural to add a wine tour to a holiday itinerary.


Are you a travel agency?

Wine Meccas is not a travel agency. We are simply a platform where wineries and tourists can find each other.


Why would I use Wine Meccas to book a visit at a winery?

We provide reliable and detailed information on wineries around the world on a single website. After all, even if you book through our website you book directly with the winery.


Will I get a better price if I book directly with the winery? 

No. The prices listed on our website do not exceed prices displayed elsewhere including on the winery website.


Do I have to know anything about wine prior to visiting a winery?

Not at all. The wineries welcome visitors with all levels of wine knowledge.


When is the best time to visit?

There is no perfect time of the year to go as there is always something happening in the wineries no matter the season. In fact, visiting wineries in different seasons can give you a deeper insight into the winemaking process from vineyard to bottle.


How much does it cost to book a tour?

Booking through Wine Meccas is currently free of charge. However, the wineries may request a deposit or full payment for your visit in advance. Please check individual Policies andBooking and cancellation terms and conditions.


How do I make a booking?

The main steps are as follows:

  1. On the Homepage level use one of three search options available:
    • By country and region
    • By continent
    • By winery name, region or appellation
  2. On the next screen narrow down the results by using filters located on the left margin i.e. Facilities, Health & Well-Being, Activities, Sightseeing and Wines.
  3. Once you have found a winery, chose a tour or activity from the Activities and tours tab and press ‘BOOK’ button.
  4. Select the tour date, enter number of visitors and make your booking by pressing ‘BOOK’ button.
  5. You will subsequently receive a confirmation by e-mail with your booking details and the booking will appear in your user profile with Active status.
  6. After the visit you will receive an e-mail requesting you to rate the winery.


IMPORTANT: Some wineries do not require previous booking or opt for bookings made via e-mail and/or telephone only. In such cases the “BOOK” button is absent and full contact details are provided in the winery profile. 


Can I make a booking without creating my account on Wine Meccas?

No, you cannot. You have to set up your user account and log in before you can book.


What is included in the tour?

A description of each tour is provided by each winery together with a list of facilities and wines available to taste at the property.


What should I do if I do not receive booking confirmation?

 If you do not receive the confirmation email first please check your junk-mail since the e-mail is automatically generated and could be considered spam. The booking will also appear in your user profile with Active status.


Why is it important to complete my user profile?

The information from your profile is important so that the winery can contact you if necessary, and also to provide you with relevant advice and recommendations for the visit depending on you country of origin.


Why only some wineries display their full contact details?

Depending on the type of agreement with Wine Meccas some wineries choose to operate their own booking system and are allowed to provide their full contact details including website and e-mail address. These details can only be published in the profile window next to the photographs of the property. 


What is the meaning of the different statuses on my booking register?

Active – tour or activity booked and confirmed.

Completed – tour or activity has been completed, you can rate the winery.

Cancelled – you cancelled your booking


What happens if I cancel my booked tour?

You will lose your booking. Before proceeding please read the specific Booking and cancellation terms and conditions provided by the winery.


Can I reinstate a cancelled booking?

Your cancelled booking cannot be reinstated. To replace a cancelled booking, please sign in to your account and make a new booking.


How can I retrieve a forgotten password?

Click on Forgot your password? link in the Sign In window. Enter your e-mail address and you will receive a message with instructions on how to reset your password.


How to prepare for a visit at a winery?

Regardless of the time of the year and region of the world that you choose to visit there are several details worth bearing in mind:

  • First of all do not wait till the last moment to make reservation to avoid disappointment as some tours or activities may be booked out sooner than others.
  • Some activities offered by wineries can be seasonal.
  • The temperature in some cellars can be as low as 10°C (50°F).
  • Bring comfortable clothes and shoes especially if your tour includes a walk in the vineyard.
  • Minimum age for wine tasting (legal drinking age) can vary depending on the country e.g. in Europe it is normally 18 while in the United States it is 21 years of age.
  • Check the map for distances between different wineries as in some regions they are quite far apart. 

If you have any doubts prior to the visit please get in touch with the winery to ask for more details.


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