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Wine tours - what to expect
22 March 2015
by Karen Christian (@learningtodrink) So you’ve followed Conrad’s tips and you’ve planned your visit; you’ve checked ahead to see that the wineries you want to visit are open; you’ve packed... (Read More...)
The Grand Cru of Marathons
17 February 2015
by Karen Christian (@learningtodrink) Every September for the last 30 years thousands of wine lovers have gathered in a small corner of South West France to share their passion for wine… and running. Yes, you read... (Read More...)
Ready, steady, go!
14 March 2014
by Conrad James Visiting a wine region requires some preparation like in case of any other destination. And no matter whether you are after traditional and rustic estates or ultra luxurious ones, there are several common... (Read More...)
Demystifying wine tourism
04 February 2014
by Conrad James Many potential wine tourists assume that visiting a winery is a luxury reserved for people with a certain social or economic status. Such reasoning could not be further from the truth. Wineries that are... (Read More...)
Getting the wine tourism bug
06 December 2013
by Conrad James Years ago, before I even started getting interested in wine, not to mention visiting wineries, I decided to spend a late summer in Northern Italy, in Trentino the area to be precise, near the stunning Dolomites... (Read More...)

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